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I, Jetebais





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Bishop’s debut novel offers the bitingly ironic confessions of a fallen angel.
This is a sprawling, alternate account of key theological points of Judeo-Christian mythology, including God’s Creation of the universe, the ordering of the heavenly host, the births of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and the toiling of mankind under the whips and temptations of the forces of darkness. It’s all dictated to a hapless mortal man named Paul by a fallen angel who calls himself Jetebais, who’s the same age as other famous fallen angels, such as Lucifer, as well as the sea monster Leviathan. From him, readers learn details of different kinds of heavenly beings and of the mission that he’s set for himself in the human world: to expose the deeds and designs of Satan and thwart his manipulations of humankind. Jetebais knows Satan’s thoughts and has a carefully high estimation of his adversary’s abilities: “He is visible and invisible,” he tells Paul, “he is colossal and microscopic.” Jetebais himself is far from innocent, though; as he confesses, he’s caused great pain in the name of charity and fairness, but he’s determined to counterbalance Satan’s influence in the world. Bishop spends a good deal of time presenting seminal events from Old Testament literature from Jetebais’ new viewpoint, and he portrays Jetebais as a proud, defiant character who protests his innocence of Lucifer’s original offenses (“I did not follow Satan; I simply left at the same time!”). But as the action moves forward to the present day (including, inevitably, to papal politics), the author fills it with human characters. Readers will also find that the narrative takes on more sharply theological tones; at one point, it even provides the fallen-angel perspective on other religions throughout the world. The rest of the story, though often patchy with expository dialogue, is richly atmospheric, as when Jetebais warns humans about Satan, “Remember, you are nothing but livestock to him, to be teased and tortured for the sheer fun of it.”
A high-fantasy account of reality as seen by one of Satan’s brothers, sure to appeal to lovers of both fantasy and Christian literature.
"The eternal question of man: Is God truly forgiving? Is there anyone so evil that God's love and forgiveness is denied to that person no matter that there is true repentance? Can Satan himself be outwitted? These are the core questions at the heart of this breathtaking debut novel by the very talented Robert Martin Bishop. Be prepared to want to read "I, Jetebais" in one sitting with a dictionary and Bible close at hand. In the course of challenging his readers to rethink everything they thought they knew about about Satan and his followers and the evil that stalks mankind, Mr. Bishop also challenges his readers with some scholarly vocabulary and character names that all have biblical references. Taking the time to look these names up in the Bible allows the reader find a deeper level of richness added to an already multi-layered tale. Mr. Bishop's concept is highly original and gripping, his voice resonant and refreshing, and the walk with Jetebas himself deeply moving and intriguing."
Tracy Jenner ​
-5/5 Amazon, Maizyblue 
"EXCELLENT! You're going to want to find out what happens at the end of the book, but you're never going to want the book to end. This book will influence your conversations, your perspectives and maybe even your dreams... forever. Be prepared to see the world (the visible and the invisible) on a mesmerizing, unforgettable journey with Jetebais. As a bonus, Bishop is a vocabulary maven! Reading this book will undoubtedly enhance your vocabulary. R.M.Bishop is an amazing author, historian and theologian and this book is destined to make it to the big screen to become a Hollywood BLOCKBUSTER! I can't wait!"
-5/5 Amazon, Amazon Customer

"I have to admit I did not know what I was getting into when I started this book. The beginning, for some reason, was challenging until I got into it. Then the beginning made total sense. The book is captivating and hard to put down. The characters come to life and the story certainly keeps you thinking. It is a brilliant work and extremely well written."
-5/5 Amazon, RickS

"This book is in a class all of its own. I would agree that the beginning writings are a challenge to read. At first, I thought it was a PhD level "read" !
After I got into the book, it became apparent to me, that the beginning language and dialogue was the only way that this could have been written. It would not have made any sense coming from one of the main characters to have spoken in any other manner.
The book is intriguing and keeps one guessing the "who, what and when" throughout. It certainly makes one think."
-5/5 Amazon, Gramma Suzu

"Interesting reading . This book is bound to generate a ton of controversy as the author takes a jab at politics, religious beliefs of most faiths and other ecclesiastical truths. A must read for our times."
-5/5 Amazon, Tracy Jenner

"What a wonderful book! A little slow in the beginning, but then, SNAP, you totally enveloped."
-5/5 Amazon, stacey braun

"I really enjoyed reading this book and have recommended it to all of my friends and even strangers. It's an easy read yet keeps your mind entertained and begging for more information."
-5/5 Amazon, Amazon Customer

"Highly recommend this book."
-5/5 Amazon, Amazon Customer

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- Alexszollo​

I’ve stated before that I wholeheartedly commend the writing of Christian fiction. In fact, I’m among those who consider Christian fiction authors as being amongst the most worthy followers of Christ, for our Lord Himself often told the Truth through stories.

Good versus evil. These three words have fascinated me for a lifetime. It is in them that I see the ultimate story, the most timeless and timely of all tales worth telling. And the novel that I’m about to discuss is a masterful example of how Christian fiction can be used as a guide toward the life-affirming Truth of Christ.

I’m talking about I, JETEBAIS, written by Mr. Robert Martin Bishop(whom I’m super-grateful for the copy of his work that he provided me with). I think this might very well be among the most groundbreaking works of its kind that I have ever read.

Who is Jetebais? Well, he is a fallen angel. A fallen angel with a chip on his shoulder and one purpose in mind: forgiveness. To achieve it, he confesses to God about the part he played in the rebellion of Satan, key events in Biblical and modern times, and about the plans that the Devil has for mankind. He does so by dictating his thoughts to a priest, and these thoughts are compellingly written and very, very intriguing: “I am the Rebellion. The murderous agony humankind has at once caused and endured is mine”, says Jetebais early on in the book. His connection to the priest, Thaddeus Tarsus, AKA Paul(nothing is a coincidence in this book), puts them both in danger, along with mankind itself. The description of Satan, provided by Jetebais, shows why Satan is such a considerable adversary: “He is everything you have read about him, everything you have seen in your entertainment[…] He is colossal and microscopic. He is spirit and body, ethereal and tangible. He is whatever serves his immediate purpose.”

I once read some wise words stating that a good book should make you laugh, cry and think. Well, this one has all the stuff that’s needed to do all of that and more. There’s plenty to enjoy and to take to heart in this masterfully written pageturner that sounds like something that could’ve happened if Dan Brown got some sense into his head and accepted the invitation of C.S. Lewis to join him for a cup of tea and a nice, long talk about God and faith. This is a book that will challenge some of your long-held assumptions, but also one that will strengthen your faith. I will never look at religious fanaticism the same way after reading what Jetebais has to say about it. And that’s such a well-thought-of way of putting things that I’ll leave it to readers to discover it. This worthwhile addition to the shelf of any Christian who likes their Truth told via a gripping, sprawling story deserves all the stars in the sky! Can’t recommend it high enough! The views expressed herein are my own, and I’m blessed to say so. Thank you, Mr. Bishop! One for the ages!

- Linda

I like a book that gets me thinking a little, and keeps me wondering what is going to happen. This new fiction novel by new writer Robert Martin Bishop was fun to read the first time through. After finishing it, I realized I had a lot of questions and found myself often thinking about it. The second time I read it through, I enjoyed reading subtle meaning and observations. 
So I checked out the book/author webpage
Here I found some more interesting information and hopefully soon a blog or discussion column.
You can even purchase a signed copy from the author himself!

- Detlev Paulu

Those who look only for immediate action might be disappointed, but this is truly the most powerful novel I have ever read in terms of its implications and provocation of thought. One cannot help but feel the incredible mix of emotions presented in the various characters, from remorse to pure hatred and contempt. The author has put so much meaning in virtually every sentence making it at first an intellectual challenge, but then one sees the bread crumbs he leaves everywhere for us to find and follow. Names, numbers, everything seems to be part of the whole. The ending set me back in my seat, not because of the action, but because of what Bishop's story could mean for the world both as it is now and as it might be. I hope and pray that a sequel will follow. Please read this book, and bring your intellect to discover what is within.
- Christina

A fantastically written book that keeps the reader in suspense the entire way through. The ending is one to ponder on, and a great philosophical and theological amount of knowledge has been shared and stored in this novel. It provides the reader with much to think about, and perhaps even reevaluate their own beliefs and values. Overall, a unique and fresh approach in questioning human morality and is highly relevant in today's society.
- Alan Charles

I don't think I've ever read a more important book, especially for our times. The book begins with the terrible sadness and remorse of the main character (Jetebais, a fallen angel) as he begins to dictate (to a sleeping priest) a confession of his sins against God and humanity. His goal is to expose Satan and save humanity from him. Jetebais' description of Creation makes one wonder if the author himself were a witness to it! 
Soon, POV changes as the priest wakes to Jetebais and he becomes a full partner in this amazing enterprise. The characters - both human and supernatural - really came alive for me. 
I don't want to say too much, but the ending floored me. I read this over two days because I couldn't put it down.

- Robert Martin​​